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GL Courses

Honors Seminar VI

IDH 3035 SPRING 2022
Three Methods of implementing sex education in the Dominican Republic
Mission for the project

Last Spring, I took this course for the Honors College requirements, one of my favorites. It consisted of discussing innovation, sustainability, and startups. Throughout the semester, we were able to speak about several current events that were innovative and present them in class. The professor allowed us to innovate something of interest for the final presentation. I decided to create a store and brand of birth control in the Dominican Republic.


D.R has one of the highest rates of adolescent pregnancy. Therefore, I decided to bring three options to reduce the number of teenagers that end up pregnant because of a lack of education and accessibility to birth control. The first is to propose to the school a sex education class not added in the D.R. Second is to have a store for birth control and provide sex Orientation through GYN and brochures/project sex education videos in the waiting room. Finally, we would like to have workshops in the most underprivileged zones of the island where the education need is very high. My idea was to get funds from the government and other organizations that promote human rights and help underprivileged adolescents at risk.

Honors Seminar VI

REL 2011 FALL 2019

During my first year of college, I took this religion class with Professor Grisel d’Elena. This class was exciting because it made us reflect on the origin of Religion. Some of the things I learned is that usually, people believe in religions because of what their parents believe in or their grandparents, but few people decide what they want to believe in. Few people investigate all faiths and then choose which one to follow. From this class, I also learned that it is essential to be open to hearing different beliefs than ours, respect them, and find similarities and differences between your views. We can obtain a more peaceful world if religions can appreciate each other. Also, thanks to this class, I got highly motivated to research religion, and I aspire to present my research thoughts at the Honors College Conference next semester.

Religion Class

Hurricane Engineering 

CES 3580 FALL 2022
Hurricane Engineering Class

I’m taking this Hurricane Engineering Class as one of my Civil Engineering Requirements. When I first chose this class, it was not even required for me to graduate, but I decided to take it as an extra elective. However, I’m enjoying this class because I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and then moved to Miami for College. Both Miami and the D.R are areas located where the Coriolis effect occurs, and that is what provokes hurricanes. I’m very interested in Hurricane Engineering because if I can find a way to build better and stronger structures to avoid more deaths and debris during hurricanes, I would be more than happy to make that impact in the world. To end with, I’m looking forward to keeping learning about hurricanes throughout the semester and being able to apply it to my future engineering jobs.

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